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About Us

River Private Wealth provides wealth management services to both retail and institutional investors in all corners of the globe.

We focus on private equity deals and stocks, we have the global reach and financial power to help you invest your capital into companies before they go public.

This allows clients to enter and exit along with institutional money, investing into companies while they remain private and exiting as those companies see huge growth and become publicly traded via an IPO or direct listing.

We have a global presence with our head office in Sydney and an additional network of analysts located all over the world.

The River Private Wealth Advantage

We are not here to come in second place. We are not reckless, we precisely calculate every investment, we invest our own money into every trade, giving our clients complete confidence in us.

Investors, Analysts, Advisors, Tech Heads

Our people set us apart. Now see how we can help you.


River Private Wealth was established in March 2020, since then we have grown to a team of more than 20 advisors and analysts.


Our extensive network allows River Private Wealth to access investment on a global level. Our global contacts also allow us to source investment opportunities before other firms even know they exist


River Private Wealth has headhunted our team from extensive carees at J.P. Morgan and Blackrock. All of our analysts, advisors and brokers come with industry leading knowledge and experience.

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